Underground Gas Pipe Locator

All Materials Locator – AML Pro

Target: Sewers, Drains, Ducts (Location)

The AML PRO™ is a scientific instrument that utilizes ultra-high radio frequencies to find differences in densities. This offers the best method for locating PVC & PE pipes and nearly any other object that has an edge.


Hikmicro Thermal Imaging Cameras

M Series – M10 Thermal Imaging Camera
The HikMicro M10 thermographic handheld camera is a device with both optical and thermal images. It can do thermography, video recording, snapshot capturing, alarm, and it can connect to Wi-Fi, hotspot and Bluetooth. 3.5inch LCD Touchscreen, perfect for in house leak detection or checking Electrical Circuits.
Pocket Series – Pocket 2 Thermal Imaging Camera
The wide temperature range of -20 °C to 400 °C is ideal for Building Inspections, HVAC, Electrical, and Mechanical Equipment Maintenance. The 25 Hz frame rate allows for smooth operation and the Wi-Fi function allows the Pocket to share images in realtime. The Pocket Series puts a powerful thermography tool in your pocket so it’s always there when you need it.
Pocket 2
B Series – B1L Thermal Imaging Camera
The thermographic handheld camera is based on the thermal technology, specially designed for the needs of temperature measuring applications. People can quickly troubleshoot faults on-site

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