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cable avoidance


The latest range of Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) 4 & Signal Generator (Genny) 4 , pioneered by Radiodetection.

Pipe Detection


Whether its metal or plastic pipes you need to locate we have a range of equipment to suit you needs
Sewer Detection


We provide a wide array of Pearpoint Purshod and Crawler Pipeline inspection system.
leak detection

Leak Detection

Products for Leak Detection both internal and external large or small
Metal Detectors & Lifters

Metal Detectors & Lifters

Whether you need to locate it or lift our full range of metal locators & lifters to get the job done.
aml pro

Gas Pipe Location

Find plastic pipes including plastic Gas Pipes using the AMI pro.
thermal imaging cameras

Thermal Imaging Cameras

High Performance Compact Thermal Imaging Camera.


Our Inspection system targets Sewers, Drains, Ducts.
Portable Power Station

Other Solutions

Other Solutions includes portable power stations, AndoRe pipe repair clamp & more…

About UDE

Team UDE

“The Underground Experts”

At UDE we measure the value of technology by how it benefits our customers. Its about what they need to do and what they need to achieve.

 Our customers are paramount thats why customers who purchased products from us in the 80’s remain loyal to us today. If you value good customer service and quality products let us show you how we can help.


Alan O'Brien
Alan O'Brien
25 April 2023
Great company, in business since the late 80's. They sell hand held equipment to County Councils, Utility companies and contractors for locating and tracing underground services such as power, gas and water, also thermal imaging cameras. I deal with the boss Denise who's very knowledgeable and also does the training on the products they sell. I recently had a demo of the AML Pro from the US, it can find PVC and PE pipe, also the new range of Hikmicro thermal imaging cameras, which are surprisingly good value. They also do a new range of Pipe Repair Clamps, which the County Council has just started using. Definitely recommend a visit to see them.
Brian Connor
Brian Connor
30 October 2022
Great staff and very informative. Sold me cat4 and gen and I'd recomend them to anyone
Kevin O'Farrell
Kevin O'Farrell
27 November 2020
Excellent experience with this company. The staff were very helpful when it came to the issue I had and gave great advise on the right equipment for the job. I would highly recommend.
Doorf ixing
Doorf ixing
20 February 2020
Excellent service


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