Leak Detection

Aqua M50 – Leak Detector

Target: Water Pipes (Location, Leak Detection)

The Aqua-M50D is applied in the water supply business to pre-locate (testrod) leaks. Due to its handy size, this measuring instrument is especially well suited to listen to water meters. The Aqua M50 is supplied with a number os attachments for getting into small tight spaces.


Aqua M100 – Leak Detector

Target: Water Pipes (Leak Detection)

The Aqua-M100D is used in the water supply business to pre-locate (testrod) and to calibrate leakages (geophone). In combination with the Pulse Wave Generator (PWG), it can also be applied to trace the run of a pipeline. The testrod has been specially developed and features an extremely high sensitivity. It has been designed to detect even minute leakages. The variable testrod is perfectly well suited to listen to water meters and to systematically check pipeline network sections. The sheltered ground pick-up is capable of pinpointing leakages. The tripod can be mounted on a magnet thus enabling the operator to carry out measurements on soft ground.


Aqua M300 – Leak Detector

Target: Target Plastic Pipes (Location), Water Pipes (Leak Detection)

The Aqua M300 facilitiates the pinpointing of leaks both acoustically and using tracer gas. This system combines both to allow the user to trace even the smallest of leaks while also allowing long term measurements.


PipeMic – Leak Detector

Target: Pipes (Leak Detection)

With the acoustic pig (PipeMic) developed by F.A.S.T., leaks on plastic connections/pipes can be located easily due to a special lock which allows the probe to be pushed into the pipe with high pressure (up to 16 bar). As the length and the exact position of the inserted glass fibre can be determined, the leakage spot can be determined with utmost precision.

The acoustic signals are transferred to the headphones and to the geophone respectively via bluetooth. The noise level received is then accoustically and optically displayed on any Aqua-M series


Hikmicro Thermal Imaging Cameras

M Series – M11 Thermal Imaging Camera

HIKMICRO M11 handheld thermography camera is specially designed for professional inspections. It’s equipped with a 192 ×
144 resolution thermal detector and an 8MP resolution visual camera. The high resolution 3.5-inch touch screen displays
crisp, clear images and streamlines camera operations. Imaging modes include thermal, visual, picture in a picture of the
optical and thermal view, and fusion of both channels. The M11 quickly identifies potential faults, quantifies the impact with
accurate temperature measurement, provides detailed documentation to complete your inspections efficiently.

G60 – Handheld Thermal Camera 

HIKMICRO G60 Handheld Thermal Camera is specially designed for temperature measurement. It’s equipped with a 640 ×
480 resolution thermal detector. It helps the staff to quickly find the high-temperature targets in the environment.
Meanwhile, it provides assistance with decisions and ensures safety. The device is mainly applied to various industries, such
as Building, HVAC, auto industry, etc.

AI56 – Acoustic imaging camera

The HIKMICRO AI56 acoustic imaging camera is a professional product for gas leak detection and partial discharge detection. With 64 Low-noise MEMS microphones and an adjustable bandwidth range from 2 kHz to 65 kHz, AI56 provides an easy and effective way to locate pressurized air leaks in industrial environments or detect partial discharge in electric systems. By adopting this lightweight and easy-to-use tool, you can discover potential safety risks, minimize troubleshooting, and save extra costs for equipment failures and downtim
Acoustic imaging camera

Gascheck H2 – Water Leak Detector

Target: Water Pipes, Plastic Pipes (Leak Detection)

With the Gas-Check-H2 even tiny little leakages can be pinpointed. Hydrogen diffuses through almost any material due to its molecular size. The pipeline section to be checked is filled entirely with gas, and the pressure is increased slowly until the measurement varies according to the size of the leakage, the kind of soil, and the surface structure.



This professional video inspection system with compact camera head is perfect for precise visual inspection of small openings, such in pipework, wall cavities and motor vehicles. The high-resolution camera allows extremely detailed images and videos to be captured with 1:1 reproduction on the display with no loss of quality. The sharp digital zoom allows details to be clearly identified. Other benefits are the high-quality LED object lighting, optimum greyscale contrast reproduction, petrol and diesel resistant camera head, and the magnetic stand for setting up the base unit.



Now, with wireless capability, the Protimeter MMS3 represents the latest in

moisture measurement technology. Its ergonomic 4-in-1 design allows for fast and accurate full building moisture diagnostics both on and below the surface, from new building construction to refurbishing projects in existing buildings. Also, with built-in hygrometric capabilities and infrared (IR) laser thermometer, the MMS3 also assesses indoor air quality conditions.

PROTIMETER- Surveymaster™

The Surveymaster™ can help building professionals—such as contractors, surveyors, home builders and architects—assess building moisture levels during new build and refurbishing activities. Excessive moisture in buildings can lead to decay and deterioration of components and decorative finishes.


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