Metal Detectors & Lifters

RD312 – Metal Cover Locator

Target: Metal Objects (Metal Detection)

The RD312 is used for locating buried manhole covers, stopcocks and valves. Easy lightweight with push button on/off controls make the RD312 extremely user friendly.

VIKING – WASP Metal Detector

Target: Metal Objects (Metal Detection)

The WASP metal detector is simple to use with just two controls, Fine and Coarse tuning, and provides good depth penetration, rugged reliability and  distinctive and highly visible yellow and black colouring.


Detection of ferrous metal objects, including property pins and markers, live wires, weapons, devices and other objects

Magnetic Hoist Hammer

Target: Metal Covers (lifting)

Magnetic hoist hammer is a perfect gadget for opening of street caps, underground hydrant covers, manhole lids and all kinds of cast iron covers.

Top features include:

* Super strong – Magnet strength 220kg
* Multipurpose hammer tip design
* Anatomically shaped hammerhead for easy handling
* Stainless handle with rubber grip
* Permanent, anticorodal magnet

MK400 Magnetic Hoist

Target: Metal Covers (lifting)

MK400 is an universal magentic hoist for opening all kinds of cast iron covers and grates. Weighing less than 5 kg and a magnet with a 400 kg nominal lifting force it is a handy but super powerful must have gadget for any infrastructure worker. With MK400 the cast iron covers can be lifted, tilted or dragged. The self-standing mode reduces the need to bend down for picking up the tool.

Top features include:

* Magnet strength: 400 kg
* Magnetised area surface: 240 cm
* Tool weight: 4.7 kg
* Rubber handles, safety reflective element

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