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AndoRe pipe repair clamps


The first AndoRe pipe repair clamp with uncompromising quality was made in 1982. We are very attentive to the materials used and the continuous development enables the use of the best materials currently available. AndoRe pipe repair clamps are highly durable, designed and made to last. Consequently the lifespan of the pipeline is extended. We are confident in the quality of our AndoRe pipe repair clamps, therefore a 10 years warranty is standard.


AndoRe pipe repair clamps are suitable for repairing damage on the water, sewer and other pipelines with temperatures of media up to 115 ° C. The materials used allow installation in sea water (version with A4 quality steel) and various aggressive soils. They are being used for all pipe materials (cast iron, steel, asbestos, PE, PVC, ductile …).

On request we also produce pipe repair clamps for gas lines, hot water lines (HT version for temperatures of the media up to 150° C), oil pipes and high pressure pipelines.


AndoRe pipe repair clamps are made entirely of stainless steel A2, AISI 304, EN 1.4301 (with 18% Cr and 10% Ni). Welds are neutralised by an automated welding procedure. Bolts (M12 and M16) are protected against cold welding by special blue coating. The labyrinth seal is made of EPDM rubber according to DIN EN 681.1 and tested according to KTW and W270 standards, for gas pipes NBR rubber is used according to DIN EN 682 standard. Rubber production date is marked on each seal. For protection against damage, dirt and light each clamp is packed individually in a cardboard box with information about installation, product type, pipe diameter and intended use. Each AndoRe pipe repair clamp has a logo of the manufacturer and clamp type stamped on its housing which ensures its origin and quality.


  • Side handle and extended bolt enable easy, single person installation.
  • Use of high quality materials.
  • Light, stable and flexible construction.
  • Without any sharp edges – for safe handling.
  • Extra blue coating prevents the bolts against cold welding process while tightening.
  • Automated welding technology enables homogeneity of welding elements resulting in longer durability against corrosion.
  • Labyrinth EPDM seal enables optimal sealing.
  • 10 years warranty!

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